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Following quoted excerpts were taken from written by Keith Arias

“DJ Silas is fueled by the energy of music and he is determined to accomplish big things in the music business.

While he makes his line of work seem flawless, it didn’t happen overnight. It took lot of time and dedication to get where he is. Yet, he is still growing. DJ Silas’ interest for music goes back to listening to records at a young age, around the time when his sister was involved with dancing. “We were always into the whole music thing,” he said. “I always loved it.”

“The dream is starting to become a reality for the 26-year-old disc jockey. He is constantly going out to clubs and events, grinding out every night to gain more exposure as well as seeking the thrill of entertaining others with the art of mixing.

DJ Silas, who uses his first name when performing, is not one dimensional by any means. While he loves hip-hop and is a fan of Jay-Z and Nas, he also does sets featuring dance, reggae and even Latin music. Once, while on A-List Radio, he played a Caribbean music set that caught listeners by surprise. “I like the feeling of playing music and seeing a crowd react to it,” he said. “Going to a club and sometimes there’s 200 or 300 people and they’re vibing to what you’re playing. You get them going crazy, you make them sing the song. That’s my whole feeling. That’s what give me goose bumps.””

Deejay Silas will be having a Grand Opening for a lounge spot in Astoria, Queens on Steinway street called “Static Lounge”. Dj Prostyle will be in the building spinning some hot joints for everyone to vibe to. If your in the area or not, you should make your way out there!

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Deejay Silas is also a Dj for, an online radio station. To keep up with Dj Silas, follow him on twitter @djsilasnyc.

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LIFESNAPSHOTZ presents Victor Tortch from "P4E"

Victor Tortch was born in Brooklyn New York May, 1983. His Grandmother would play old school R&B classics by Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Mary Jane Girls and many others that Victor would grow to imitate and love. Singing soon became a great love of his and then started writing songs when he was 13. At the age of 15 he moved to the Little Italy part of the Bronx. There he found his passion for Hip-Hop and soon started to write rhymes as well. His high school, Humanities Prep, was a breeding ground of inspiration where he met his long time friend, Lavon (D. Flood) Lee. “If it wasn’t for Lavon, I don’t think I would ever have thought of making music my career. He was the one who said I was good enough to do it and set off that spark for me.”


Victor then graduated from Humanities Prep and went to Purchase college for Cultural Anthropology. In doing that he met many people who influenced him such as A.J Marin who opened Victor’s eyes to the world of film. “I started acting and doing film work with my boy A.J and thought to myself, I really want to do this”. Soon after Victor got the bug to capture things with photography as well as his pen. Music still being his primary love took over his life when Scott Mason began teaching him how to produce and record tracks in the studio. Mason then introduced him to his future P4e group member, Sheldon (CaptainHitz) Garnette.

LIFESNAPSHOTZ introduces "P4E"

After years of many music related groups and group projects in 2006 Victor met Fame Cohen who gave him the name “Tortch”, a play on his name and how hot she perceived his music to be. They began a great working relationship that would continue till today. In early 2009 after many years of no communication, CaptainHitz and Victor collaborated on projects with David (Beat Avenger) Livingston that would solidify their working relationship which is now JustHitz Records. CaptainHitz, The Beat Avenger and Tortch form the group “P4e” (Party4ever). P4e as well as photography has been the main creative outlets for Victor and will hopefully propel him through the music and visual art world.


The following is written by LIFESNAPSHOTZ

“I’ve known Victor Tortch for some time now. We graduated from SUNY Purchase College, which is well-known for  having talented and artistic people. Since I’ve known Victor, he’s been about music. But more specifically, Victor has been about “his” music. Victor dedicated a lot of his time to what he loved, and spent hours in the studio making new music. In that progression, the group “P4e” was born. Hearing their latest single “Stretch”, which has been recently played on Power 105.1fm in New York City, I thought this is what hard work, passion, and faith can lead to. The single “Stretch” has lots of attention and feedback from everyone whose listened. Who’s to say where P4e will end up next? Only P4e can decide that, and from the looks of it, they’re here to stay until they get your attention”.

If you haven’t listened to P4e’s single “Stretch”, take a look at their video for their single  “Stretch” below.


Under the Rasta Influence, courtesy of LIFESNAPSHOTZ

It was a night to remember @ SOB’s on January 18th, 2010 for “Under the Rasta Influence”, as they were announced  winners of a competition for the opportunity to play @ the Jamaican Jazz and Blues Festival. They will be performing in front of 30,000 people on stage, a dream come true for most musicians. URI has been preparing for an opportunity like this and has come a long way. Their time is now and U.R.I. is ready. Their excitement and talent will show in their performance, and this is only the beginning.

Here is a video clip put together by ECHO BOOM Entertainment and LIFESNAPSHOTZ the night URI wins the competition @ SOB’s 1/18/10.

These are photos of their performance @ SOB’s 1/18/10

Under the Rasta Influence, courtesy LIFESNAPSHOTZ

Under the Rasta Influence, courtesy of LIFESNAPSHOTZ

Under the Rasta Influence, coutesy LIFESNAPSHOTZ



With a list of about 1200 fans on his Facebook fan page C-Hust, Charles Buko is continuously being supported by those who dig his style. When I heard his current single “Ride With a Pimp”, I thought, this is a catchy song that could be accepted by the commercial public and a wide audience. “Ride With a Pimp” represents what pop culture is, in conjunction to what the current generation can relate to. I could definitely see, “Ride With a Pimp” being played on NYC radio stations like Z100. Music changes on a constant, and it holds no boundaries. Everyday new music artists are embracing their creative contributions to what music means to them. This is what Charles Buko aka C-Hust represents for me. His ability to create music that is catchy with an innovative sound, is unique.

Check out “Ride With a Pimp” by Charles Buko aka C-Hust.

The following are excerpts from Charle’ Buko’s press kit released to me 1/15/10.

“C-Hust, born Charles Buko in Ann Arbor, Michigan  has been about his business. At 19, Buko moved to New York City in pursuit of Rap music. Spotted at a Manhattan talent showcase in 2003 by KD Wilson(sister of Grammy winning producer Bryce Wilson, Czar Entertainment) Buko was fortunate enought ot have his first single “Runnin game” recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by SpeezTha Don (King Day Records)”.

“In 2005 Buko moved to White Plains, NY to finish a b.A. in Media at SUNY Purchase. At SUNY Buko created, produced, directed and hosted the most popular program in the history of Purchase Television “The Charles Buko Show”. In 2006, Buko appeared on MTV in a freestyle battle judged by Cipha Soundz and Ludacris. Declared winner by Cipha Sounds, Youtube “Fame” ensued.”

“In 2009 Buko was the opening act for NERD at Hartford University’s annual music festival “Spring Fling.” Though an independent artist he has good friends within Star Trak / NERD camp. Working closely with those Star Trak producers he acquired several beats that will be featured on his up-coming album.”

LIFESNAPSHOTZ presents C-Hust performing @Milk Lounge, NYC

This video is courtesy LIFESNAPSHOTZ

C-Hust is now currently signed to record label, Hit-A-Lik Entertainment. Charles Buko is a Rapper/ Songwriter in the game who is referred by Nick Rice of Coopers Escape. Charles Buko has prepared a press kit to familiarize agents with his act, music and what he has to offer as an artist/performer.

In his press kit, he includes a biography which some I have provided for you here, some photos, business cards, and his latest album and copies of press he’s already received.

C-Hust – Trap Like Me

@ Milk LOUNGE 1/15/10 The LIGHTHOUSE and C-HUST




ASE Promotions and Marketing, a marketing and promotion firm that utilizes Web 2.0, was created in 2009 by Anthony Bailey. ASE Promo strives to promote its clients by utilizing today’s technical approaches in marketing while keeping their presence known in the public’s eye.

ASE Promotions and Marketing

ASE Promo branches out of Apostle Sound Entertainment, a company which Bailey and his god brother formed as teenagers to help promote his friends who are DJs’ and radio personalities.

Apostle Sound Entertainment established its name by promoting artists who were becoming bigger in the business. Bailey would book gigs at colleges and clubs around New York.

ASE Promotions and Marketing creates starter packages for those wanting to generate consumer awareness and also works with artists that may have already established a presence and need to continue to retain awareness in the publics’ eye. They represent small to medium sized businesses and will work with you personally to establish exactly what you want.

ASE is an entertainment and production company working with DJs and artists available for bookings.

ASE Promotions is an outsourcing group which promotes and markets for companies and individuals seeking these services.

Anthony Bailey, C.E.O. of ASG Inc.

381 McLean Ave. Yonkers, NY 10705



THE LIGHTHOUSE is bound for achievement!

THE LIGHTHOUSE has been a personal friend of mine for more than a couple of years. From the beginning, I’ve known him to be a hardworking individual that has adhered to one definitive chief aim: Success.

THE LIGHTHOUSE’S hard work has lead him to meet and become acquainted in the entertainment industry, which I’m sure has landed him many first great impressions. His fan-base grows daily as he continues to implement his natural charismatic charm gaining new people who want to support him.

THE LIGHTHOUSE has met with Pharrell from NERD on occasion, and was recently named “THE LIGHTHOUSE” by Pharrell. This name is symbolic for THE LIGHTHOUSE’S physical stature, presence and personable character. THE LIGHTHOUSE is the beacon to your EXCITEMENT. Are you ready for your new DJ?


To get an idea of what THE LIGHTHOUSE can bring, check out this mix below.

Listen to Success is inevitable by THE LIGHTHOUSE (25min)

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The LIFESNAPSHOTZ audience has been at a daily increase. We are proud to note that our daily viewers have remained loyal. It is evident that the success of LIFESNAPSHOTZ will only continue to grow in a fast rate.

LIFESNAPSHOTZ aka (LSSZ) ….Stay Tuned!

LIFESNAPSHOTZ (LSSZ) is a site that  presents New York City as an entity in the support of young entrepreneurs, industry events, new artists, music, and restaurant reviews. From time to time LIFESNAPSHOTZ (LSSZ) may present you with art and new ideas that may catch your interests. Personal video uploads will be directly linked to this site as well as the LIEFSNAPSHOTZ (LSSZ) YouTube site. Stay Tuned for more LIFESNAPSHOTZ (LSSZ).


YES! New York has finally had the opportunity to see some snow. For our first snowfall, man was it a lot. The only downfall to this much snow is that it happened a weekend before christmas. Christmas shopping was interrupted for a short while because of it, which only means if you haven’t started, good luck!

Look at this beauty! This picture was taken December 19, 2009 at around 10pm. 

This picture was taken the next morning around 11 am. The streets were plowed twice, but still no salt. Are we stuck here until it melts? 

This is what it looks like now after my brother has shoveled! Hmm, maybe now I may be able to get out! These pictures show a twelve hour process.

Happy Holidays everyone! Ok, now some hot chocolate!


American Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is currently conducting an event called ” A Night at the Museum Sleepover” for young children ages 7-13 years old.

It costs $129.00 per person, $119.00 per member

Admission price includes:

  • Evening snack and light breakfast
  • Cots for all participants
  • Fossil Fact Finding mission with flashlights
  • Take-home activities
  • Live animal special exhibition
  • Imax Film or Space Show

Time: 5:45 – 9:00am

You should bring:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • flashlight
  • camera
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • washcloth
  • warm comfortable clothing to sleep in
  • Change for vending machines
  • ear plugs (optional)
  • nightmask (optional)



 We all need some ideas when it comes to decorating and/or ways to reuse things without having to buy extra materials. If your into the spirit of the seasons, like Christmas, here are two simple ideas you can you use to help liven up your home with Christmas spirit, and  reuse old materials to make new ones.

Picture 251This picture is an example of  a great way to utilize your Christmas Cards as a decorative feature and also a place to eventually put them all. You need 2 wooden roles. Cut them into two, making them 5in long for each. Glue each stick on the ribbon vertical one under the other and clip your cards on there. Simply adorable!

 Picture 76 This photo is an example of how you can reuse old Christmas Cards from year before. Take your old Christmas Cards and cut them out into any shape you like. Make a whole on the top with a hole puncher, pull a ribbon through and tie into your Christmas gift boxes. Neat huh?